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Cingens "Ginny Dustellar"

Age: 15

Gender: Girl

Appearance: Ginny has a height of little more than five feet, and her weight is around sixty kilos. Her hair is long and purely-black, even when she was born a blonde, that because she made herself a dye. Her eyes are big, round and of a green color. Her skin is slightly tanned. And she’s also quite thin. She’s always wearing a long, black skirt that goes up to her knees, a blue blouse, a black jacket, and a white scarf.

Personality: Ginny is smiling most of the time, but unfortunately, she gets angry quite easily. She cares deeply for everyone else, even when most of people find her somewhat annoying. This applies also to Pokémon, as she always nurses injured Pokémon she finds in the wild back to perfect health.

Backstory: Ginny was the daughter of a reporter that worked for Jubilife TV that earned world fame for being the first, and by far the only one, of getting video footage of the Red Gyarados that showed up at the Lake of Rage. Her mother worked as Nurse Joy’s helper in the Pokémon Center of in the same city, and their home was located in Oreburgh City. Ginny had learned everything she knew about healing from her mother, which was mostly how to heal Pokémon with berries. When the regions began to join each other, both of her parents were working, and she was sparing with a wild Ponyta in Route 207. As her parents had bought her a bike a week ago, she rode the slope that connects the route with the entrance of Mt. Coronet. She took shelter under a couple of trees, with her only food resource being Berries, and even then, she gave them to wounded Pokémon that walked past her. After three days, the harsh rain had flooded almost everything in the Route. She knew she had to find a higher shelter, but if she leaved her shelter, she wouldn’t make it to any other place. Fortunately, a Pokémon Ranger that was passing by saw her and took her to a safer place. After resting dor a handful of days, from whom she lost count of in a camp for survivors at Chroma Highlands in the Almia region, she realized the rain suddenly stopped, that, or he just hadn't realized when the rain ceased. Lucky she, the place was also starting to flood! {C}She’s not sure if her parents survived or if Jubilife flooded or not. But up to this very day, she’s looking for both of them, as she’s convinced they are still alive.


Epsilon/Minccino - Skill Link - Thunder Wave, Tail Slap

Voltel/Blitzle - ? - ????

Consuela/Audino - ? - ????


Living Qualities

Brianna Jennsen

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Region: Johto

Appearance: Brianna has a white, literally perfect skin, with no pimples or any other thing that appears in someone’s face. Her face is round, and her forehead is always covered by a long tuft. She has big, sea blue eyes, and she’s always smiling, letting those around her hypnotized with her beautiful face. She’s exaggeratedly slim, even when she doesn’t follow a diet and eats a lot most of the time. She always wears pure-white dresses and her long, black hair is always being held by a pink ribbon. Her height is of a little bit more than five feet and a half, and her weight is of little more than 50 kilograms.

Personality: Despite Brianna looking perfect, she’s got quite an amount of defects. First, she’s quite stubborn, and thus she will not accept her mistakes, even if they’re huge. She’s a little bit of a bipolar, and thus she’ll be happy one second and furious in the next one. She hates taking advice or help from someone else, and thus, she’ll do everything in her own, unless she really needs help, but even then, she would never admit she’s in need. Despite all these things, she still cares deeply for other people and her Pokémon, and she’ll do everything for them, even if it requires risking her life. Brielle also has a thing for rare Pokémon, which is always making her search in the weirdest of places for Pokémon.

History: Brianna grew up in Violet City, where her father was a clerk at the PokéMart and her mother a housewife. Brianna received her first Pokémon as a gift from her father, who used to be a great Pokémon trainer in the olden times. Shortly after this, Brielle decided to challenge the local gym leader, only to immediately lose. She realized that she had to train if she wanted be strong. After a while, she was finally ready to take on the leader, and after a long battle, she finally earned her first badge, but this was the beginning. After struggling to get the other badges, she went to Indigo Plateau in the Kanto region, where she would take on the Elite Four, Champion, and whoever else stood in her way of being champion. The road to the League HQ was longer and harder than she expected, though, and by the time she had arrived, there were rumors of a strange being that consumed everything standing in its way, naturally, the first thing Brielle thought was ‘Did I just miss something?’. After learning from the locals what was going around, she knew she couldn’t stay with her arms crossed; after all, it’s because of that Pokémon that she can’t take on the champion. Well, that supposing the Elite Four didn’t wiped the floor with her every single time she tries to challenge them. Even though she wants to defeat that Pokémon by herself, a constant thought runs around her mind…, and it always says ‘Will I do such a thing?’


Little Mister Carnivore or "LMC" / Totodile♂ - Pink Bow - Damp - Slash, Hydro Pump, Crunch, Rain Dance

Rigby "Rigbone" / Zigzagoon♂ - None - Pickup - Last Resort, Crunch, Odor Sleuth, Quick Attack, Surf

Pinky Pie / Rhyhorn♂ - Hard Stone - Lightningrod - Sandstorm, Horn Attack, Rock Blast, Stone Edge


The Pokemon Trainer Academy

Vriska Van der Douchevald

Nickname: Vrisket

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Dorm: Raikou Dorm

Appearance: Her height is of 5 ft 4 in and her weight is of 120 lbs. Her hair is long and black, of a very small volume and perfectly taken care of, her hair is always emitting a light smell of roses. Her face is round with her not being fat, and her skin is of a creamy color. She's always wearing a pair of big glasses, she's unable to see at all when she's not wearing these. Her everyday outfit consists in a light blue blouse with a black jacket over it, and a pair of denim jeans, with a pair of light green sandals as her footwear. She's always wearing a belt which has six slots for Pokeballs as well as one for her slightly messed-up Pokedex (see the History part of the SU for more info about the gadget).

Personality: Vriska is a very smart person, so much that she can be academically talented if she ever tries to, unfortunately, she hates schools, or the mere fact of learning stuff, for that matter. When it comes to socialize, she's not the best example one can get, Vriska will do anything possible to avoid even the simplest of conversations. She has a sometimes weird love for Ghost and Bug Pokemon, she sometimes wanders inside any nearby forest looking for some Pokemon to play with. For some reason, she is not as cold and self-closed with Pokemon and her mom like she is with everyone else, and despite how she may look, she cares deeply for people, sometimes even risking her own life for the safety of a stranger. Vriska is quite clueless most of the time, and has a very hard time trying to understand indirects and sarcasm. Vriska loves technology, and shows to be somewhat skilled at hacking, she likes to practice her skills with her Pokedex, which hardly qualifies as that any longer. Vriska rarely feels any anger or helps any grudge towards anyone... Except for one person:Vincent Van der Douche; her brother.

History: Vriska is the daughter of Theobald Van der Housen, a retired Pokemon trainer, and Marion Douchevald, an ex-coordinator. She grew up in a huge house in Viridian City, receiving nothing but a few attention from her father, and always being pranked by her older brother.

Vriska is very attached to her mother, who is the only person Vriska isn't cold towards. She rarely speaks to her gather, and whenever this conversation happens, it's because her father wants her to wash the dishes. Vriska had shown a love for technology since she was little, and her mother introduced her to hacking, at which her mother was a little talented. Vriska proved to be even better than her mother, and is still learning. Vriska received a Pokedex her father used to own when she became ten years old, she decided that's he would practice her hacking skills with this gadget, which proved to be a very hard task, but she eventually managed to add a phone and message system to it, I exchange for the Pokedex to release sparks whenever it tries to show data for a Pokemon, Vriska is still trying to fix this, with no results so far.

Her relationship with her brother is... Quite complicated. It can be resumed this way: Thery both hate each other to death. Vincent is a jerk in the whole extension of the word, and he's always playing pranks on Vriska. Vriska earned a prankster nature from Vincent, and she now enjoys playing pranks on everyone except for her father and mother.

As mentioned previously, Vriska is quite clueless, which is the reason Vincent tricked her to go to Viridian Forest when she was six, and also afraid to bugs, with the excuse that Clefairy inhabited there. As a matter of fact, Clefairy was her favorite Pokemon at the time.

Vriska had been entrusted with three Pokeballs in order to catch a Clefairy back then, but when Vriska got lost, and realized that there wasn't any Clefairy there, she threw the capsules all around, these Pokeballs caught a Pokemon, each be those Pokeon have been her best friends ever since.


Buggey / Spinarak Lvl: 20 - Spider Web, Poison Sting, Night Shade, Struggle Bug, Shadow Sneak, Cross Poison

Nebula / Gastly Lvl: 20 - Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Lick

Chu / Pikachu Lvl: 20 - Tail Whip, Toxic, Thunderbolt, Rain Dance, Thunder, Volt Switch


Pokemon X : Spectrum Island Adventures

Adrastos "Adan" Sacramenti

Trainer Type: Cameraman

Trendy Title: Awesome Dude

Gender: Male

Age: Fourteen

Appearance: Adan wears a red cap, always backwards, and with a bit of his pure-black hair always coming out of it. His face is quite round, even when he isn't fat at all. His eyes are of a sea blue color. He's very thin and has a height of little more than six feet. His skin is a little tanned, due to the constant time he spends outside under the sunlight when filming something. His usual clothing consists of skin-tight denim jeans, a red sleeveless shirt with a Pikachu in its back, a black belt with some slots where he puts his Pokeballs and a pair of black shoes.

Home Region: Kanto

Bio: Even when he’s referred to as a cameraman, he doesn’t identify himself with that Trainer class, as he’s not working for any TV program, he just likes to film stuff. Four years ago, he received a Pokedex from Professor Oak in his hometown of Pallet Town. His goal is to see each and every Pokemon in the world, just like a lot of other trainers, but he’s more interested in filming that filling the Dex. When he was twelve, someone from Saffron offered him the chance of being a cameraman for a TV show, but, since he doesn’t sees himself as a cameraman, he declined this offer. Adan doesn’t have many strong Pokemon, but those who he has…, they’re quite rare. He hasn’t tried to earn any badges, as his Pokemon aren’t strong enough to face a Gym Leader. One year ago, Adan heard about the Spectrum Islands from Professor Oak, immediately he saw this as a chance of catching rare Pokemon. Adan saw this as a perfect chance for filming something more than Rattata. Professor Oak told him he could also earn badges while he’s traveling to see more Pokemon. That’s why he wants to go to the Islands, in part for seeing more Pokemon and earning some badges, but it’s mostly for filming stuff.

Personality: Adan has a self-esteem as high as heaven, so it’s hard for someone to make him feel down. He cares deeply for his Pokemon, but is not as skilled in fight as he is filming. Most people will find him somewhat annoying, as he always carries his camera all around. He doesn't has many friend because of this. Still, he's not bothered, at least he's got Pokemon by his side. Adan will never give up in a Pokemon battle, even if he can't win it, he would rather preffer to lose horribly befor thinking of giving up. He has good relationships with his Pokemon..., at least, most of them.

Key Item of Choice: Pokedex

Aura Color: Green


Pudgey/PIDGEY X Lv. 8 - Pink Bow - ? - Tackle, Sand Attack

Macho/BUTTERFREE X Lv.12 - ? -Confusion, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore

Bob/BULBASAUR Lv.10 - ? - Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip