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Known notoriously as 雷影 イチロ (Raikage Ichiro) or simply Ichiro on Pokecommunity, is a veteran Roleplayer best known for his work on Atlantis Arising and the short-lived Roleplay Library. Born February 1992, currently resides in New Zealand, studying a triple major of Japanese, Chinese and Spanish at university. Working as a freelance translator, he hopes in the future to end up joining the United Nations as a translator.

His current GMing projects include Atlantis Arising along side Moderator, Skymin, also starring in Hyrus and Pandora. Officially paired with self-proclaimed Roleplay God, Supervegeta, he is good friends with Skymin and Raikiri; the four often appearing in Roleplays together.

Outside of Pokecommunity, he is a reporter for Pokejungle, specialising in Japanese translation.