The Pokemon Odyssey

The Pokemon Odyssey
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Start Date:

April 2, 2011

End Date:

July 14, 2011

The Pokemon Odyssey is a finished play-as-Pokemon roleplay created by Supervegeta. The roleplay follows the Gold Tribe, an elite group of Pokemon who protect the country of Valkaria under the slogan of freedom and peace.



Once upon a time, in a world ruled by Pokemon, there existed a land called Valkaria. Valkaria had been for years a land with many nomadic tribes who constantly warred with each other. One day, a peace was reached, and the tribes agreed to unite all Pokemon under the slogans of freedom and peace. This nation eventually became known as the Alpha Alliance. The core of the Alpha Alliance, the Gold Tribe, is what kept the nation together. They were a group of elite Pokemon peacekeepers who protected the Alpha Alliance and made it a place of harmony and happiness.


For years, the Gold Tribe protected the Alpha Alliance, until one day, a sadistic organization called the Order of Neoverse suddenly launched a brutal attack on the nation. They were relentless, in their first strike decimating the nation and destroying its citizens. The Gold Tribe lost staggering numbers, and in a little less than a year, half of the Alpha Alliance was conquered. Now with the Alpha Alliance on the verge of collapse, it was up to the Gold Tribe and what other few Pokemon that could fight to do so.

The RP opens in Eternity City. Eternity City is a large city that was filled with Alpha Alliance citizens, on the border of Order of Neoverse/Alpha Alliance controlled territories. There, "Kaiser" Kent Reed and General Manchu of the Alpha Alliance were looking for potential recruits to join the ailing Gold Tribe, which has seen a major decline in members since the previous leader, Kent's father Wallace Reed AKA The Champion died.

At that same time in Poseida Village, Neptune chose to represent his village and help the Alpha Alliance and Gold Tribe in Eternity, especially with all of the recent rumors of war soon on its way. While on the way there, he ran into Genevieve, another Alpha Alliance citizen. The two talked for a while, and afterwards Neptune went back on his way, going into the Capital Building in Eternity City, where Kent and General Manchu were. He overheard Kent and Manchu discussed rumors of an impending attack. Kent, upon seeing the Emploeon there and not recognizing him, assumed him a spy and had him locked up. He went to see him in his cell, clearing up that he was indeed not a spy and simply wanted to help. At this, Kent decided to let him go. It was after that a few Gold Tribe members, and hopeful members, arrived. As Kent greeted everyone, he saw Genevieve, who had just been inside the nearby forest next to Eternity, warn them of Order of Neoverse spies in the forest, before fainting. Kent ordered Genevieve be taken to a nearby PokeCenter, and decided to investigate forest with Gold Tribe hopefuls Julie Candle and Violet Ryhm, as well as Gold Tribe veteran Shadow Flame. In the forest, Kent was surprised to find not a group of Order of Neoverse spies, but Alex Dusklore, one of the 5 Grand Generals of the Order. They fought briefly, with Alex overpowering Kent and the others in the end, but before he left, he healed their wounds, and gave them a warning of the impeding attack on Eternity City. Baffled by this act, Kent put it out of his mind, and the group returned to Eternity City. Once there, he arranged for Julie Candle to become a Gold Tribe member and take the oath, taking "Peacewarrior" as her title. Violet was let go because Kent believed she wasn't strong enough, neither in battle nor in mind to be a member.

Meanwhile, Neptune carried Genevieve to the PokeCenter after learning of what happened to her in the forest. She made a swift recovery, but while in the PokeCenter, the two of them met up with a strange Gallade who referred to himself only as 'Q'. Neptune automatically found his behavior strange, and concluded he must have been an Order of Neoverse spy, which turned out to be correct. Q was an infiltrator, an Order of Neoverse spy whose purpose was to gather information and intel and bring it back directly to the Grand Generals. Neptune and Q entangled, but Q managed to escape. However, in the short time that he talked to Genevieve, he felt himself falling in love with her, which was impeding his mission. Neptune and Genieve then spent some time together, the two of them realizing they too had feelings for each other.

Meanwhile, Lex Omega, Alex Dusklore, and Galleon Gamble, all Grand Generals of the Order of Neoverse, gather in a cave to plan out the invasion of Eternity City. They were tasked by the Emperor, whom none of the Generals, nor anyone else, has ever seen in person, to lead the attack on Eternity City. During their altercations, Lex and Galleon noted how Alex was different than the others often being too kind and merciful. The two later discovered that Alex intended to betray the Order and join with the Alpha Alliance, and follow what he believed to be his right path. He was aided by another Order of Neoverse member, Ambros, who turned out to be his friend and helped him on the path of enlightenment.

Kent relayed the information to General Manchu, who began planning for the invasion. Anyone remaining in the city who was not a soldier was sent out of the city, either to another Alpha Alliance main city or town. Neptune came back to Kent and General Manchu at this time and asked to help with the battle, asking to join the Gold Tribe. Neptune took the oath, and joined with the title of "Tidechanger". At the last minute before the battle began, Alex and Ambros asked to join Kent in the defense of the city. Kent was confused, but remembered his earlier acts in the forest, and decided to give him a chance, under close scrutiny. Under the Grand Generals Lex Omega and Galleon Gamble, the Order of Neoverse attacked that night, and the battle for Eternity City had begun. From the very start, the Alpha Alliance was vastly outnumbered, but nevertheless repelled most of the initial forces of the city quite effectively. That is, until the rest of the army, under the leadership of the Generals, arrived, and pushed their way into the city. Even if they defended valiantly, their numbers were dwindling, and they were soon to be overrun. On his path to Kent and Neptune, Galleon on the other hand fought numerous Gold Tribe members, killing a handful of them, including "Powerhouse" and "Ghost", to name a few. Kent and Neptune then began their fight with him, but the power of the General could not be overcome, and the two struggled. However, a last minute effort and planning from the two of them caused the General to be sent back in a field of ice. Galleon, for that moment, seemed to be subdued, but his body couldn't be found, and it was later found out that he went to the Capital Building alone to find something else the Emperor desired hidden in Eternity City.

Meanwhile, General Manchu fought Lex. The exchange was brutal, but the power of the Grand Generals could not be overcome, and General Manchu died. Kent, in anger and sadness, fought Lex with the help of Neptune, but the General was too strong for them. Seeing the devastation and damage caused all around them, Kent painfully order the retreat of the armies. He ordered the Alpha Alliance armies to retreat to Cape City under the leadership of General Heteross, while the Gold Tribe retreated to Poseida Village to heal their wounds. Kent grabbed the body of his slain friend General Manchu, and with the other Gold Tribe survivors, as well as Alex Dusklore and Ambros, retreated to Poseida Village.

At the sound of defeat, Genevieve escaped the city as well, trying to get out before the Order could get her. She ran into Q, who helped her escape, but in the process met with and befriended another spy of the order, Zed Ludwin. However, when the two spies met, something happened to Q, who appeared to be under some form of control by someone, and attacked them both. Zed, to defend his new friend Genevieve, knocked out Q. It was later discovered that Q was a prototype in a new type of controlled Pokemon that was being developed by the Emperor and the Generals.

In Poseida Village, the Gold Tribe rested. Kent buried General Manchu on a hill overlooking the quiet village. Genevieve and Neptune had some time alone together, where the two of them formed a romantic relationship. After, Neptune began preparing for a possible attack on his city, which was going to likely happen from reports. He unveiled two new things to Kent, including a fighting force of Poseida, as well as a Hyper Beam Cannon, a device of unmeasurable power, yet was still unfinished, and would likely need more time before it would be complete. Other people were met in Poseida Village, including Jonah, a brother of another Gold Tribe member, and Jack, a child without parents.

In town, Kent met with Silver, an Absol of unknown origins but who has found a home in the Alpha Alliance now and wished to help fight for it. Kent accepted his help. He also had a chance to chat with Alex and Ambros, whom he still distrusted. Although they had helped in the previous fight, Kent had a hard time believing he had broken all ties to the Order.

Reports suggested that an expeditionary force was on its way to attack Poseida Village. With only about 20 Gold Tribe members plus some extra help from Alex, Ambros, Silver, and some Poseida defenders, they were outnumbered. Alex came up with the idea of instead of having to wait for them here, they should head out and meet on their own terms. A plan was formed to use guerilla style warfare, until the Hyper Beam Cannon would be ready to fire, and then it would take them out. Commander Saar was in charge of the Order of Neoverse force. Directly under him was Hydra, a Pokemon just as ambitious as a General, and probably as strong too. The force would attack Poseida from the trees, but in the darkness of those trees, the Gold Tribe forces ambushed them, and then retreated, repeating the guerilla process. The tactic had been successful, but eventually, they needed to pull back, as the expeditionary force was stronger than expected, many of the Pokemon there having some sort of extra ability that made them crazy, but also stronger. It was effectively called a 'chaos form', Q being the first prototype of it. The Gold Tribe retreated heading back to Poseida Village, just in time as the Hyper Beam Cannon was ready to fire. In a single shot, the attack obliterated the Order of Neoverse force, killing Saar and most of the others of the Order. Hydra survived the attack and retreated with what remained of the force.

They celebrated, but realized through scouts that more armies would be coming back, much bigger than the last. This time, they would also surround them, with no chance of escape. Kent told Neptune this, knowing that they had to abandon Poseida Village and retreat to Cape City to avoid the Order. Neptune convinced all of the Poseida Villagers to flee with them and abandon their homes, all of them going towards Cape City.

During the battle, Genevieve and Zed were together, Zed helping her find her mother, which he was successful in doing. Q in the meantime had awoken and decided to abandon the Order and Alpha Alliance, turning to no side and simply disappearing as a thief. He teleported to Genevieve to see her again, and got into a fight with Zed. Q suddenly went into a chaos form again, forcing Zed to kill him.

The survivors of Poseida Village fought off a wave of attacks from Pokemon along the way to Cape City. They apparently thought they were from the Order, and resided in a nearby hidden village. One of the citizens, a Kirlia named Sol decided to accompany the group to Cape City. Eventually, they arrived in Cape City, one of the last strongholds of the Alpha Alliance. It harbored many refugees from other destroyed cities and towns taken over. Kent went to meet the General residing in this city, General Jiles, while the rest of the group departed. Neptune met his father, who he believed dead. Ambros and Sol, in the meantime, explored Cape City, with a secret hope of finding another solution to stopping the Order of Neoverse. They found a secret hidden in the mountains next to Cape City, where the legendary Pokemon Ho-oh dwelled. It showed them a secret path below Cape City, which led to an entire underground city beneath Cape City. It was an ancient city, used in the old times and abandoned for centuries until it was rediscovered. With the help of Ho-Oh, the refugees were placed in the deeper parts of the tunnel, and the defenses were set up below the city. Ho-oh also provided a giant wind barrier around Cape City, which allowed for an extra defense for the coming army. With that, the legendary Pokemon vanished.

The Order of Neoverse army arrived in Cape City to find the giant tornado Ho-oh placed there. They eventually broke through the barriers with much struggle, only to find the city abandoned, with no one apparently inside them. The armies of the Alpha Alliance used this opportunity to surprised the Order from underneath, and launched a deadly first strike against them. The Order recovered, and proceeded with their full might on the underground city and their defenses. From the very beginning, the Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance were outnumbered, but they were fighting on their turf, and in secret bunkers, which provided for extra cover. However, when Generals Adriadne, Galleon, and Lex arrived, the tide seemed to turn again. Jonah Defre, Leaf Fist and Alex Dusklore fought with Galleon in the underground caves, while Kent and Neptune, who returned from training with his father, fought with Lex, seeking revenge for what he did to General Manchu in Eternity City. At first, Galleon seemed to be overpowered Alex and Jonah, but the two of them fought back. Jonah and Alex managed to use what was left of their strength to bring Galleon down and off the side of a cliff to the depths of the underground caves, apparently dying. Neptune, Dragonheart and Kent, meanwhile, fought Lex, who seemed to be outmatching them, but as they banded together and fought back, were eventually able to repel and defeat the Grand General Lex. However, Adriadne appeared to fight the three of them afterward, and General Hydra appeared to fight off Leaf Fist, Ambros, and Silver. Leaf Fist died in the fight against Hydra. Adriadne used a mind ability on Kent and Neptune, apparently showing their deepest fears. Kent and Neptune were eventually able to elude the ability, and defeat the General. However, just when the battle appeared to be going well, the underground city was flooded with the chaos forms in full armies, the Gold Tribe unable to fight off all of them. The chaos forms were then suddenly being washed away, as Sol, who was given a sacred ash from Ho-oh, used it to remove their chaos form ability and purify them, at the cost of her own life. They were back to normal, but they still continued to attack, and were vastly outnumbered. They were being pushed back, and on the brink of defeat, when suddenly reinforcements came from Gold City. "Sash", who was Commander of the Gold Tribe forces in Gold City while Kaiser was away, brought all of the forces he could and launched a counter-attack on them. He managed to separate the army and break their spirits, causing the Alpha Alliance to win the battle.

Kent decided that it was time for a counter-attack against the Emperor himself, who took up Eternity City as his new capital city. It was time for the Gold Tribe to return back to where it all began. The Emperor's armies were destroyed, which left only his Royal Guards to protect him. Kent decided he would send only the Gold Tribe to fight, the Royal Guards being the equivalent of elite Pokemon on the side of the Order. The Gold Tribe rested for three days, during those three days, everyone who had fought, including Alex, Ambros, Genevieve, Silver and Jonah all took up the Oaths and became members of the Gold Tribe, choosing as their titles "Burstborn", "Midnight", "Lightheart", "Vesica Argentum", and "Stormseeker". Zed, meanwhile, left Cape City and was never heard from again, many believing he went on a journey to discover his origins, while others claimed he died.

With this new team of annointed Gold Tribe members, as well as survivors from previous battles and the ones from Gold City, Kent decided to attack Eternity City. They split up into groups and proceeded through the city, attempting to reach the Capital Building, where the Emperor would be residing. Each group lost casualities while fighting the Royal Guards, including the likes of Gold Tribe members Nightwing and the Pursuer. In front of the Capital Building, the 5th Grand General, Deoxys, appeared along with 20 more Royal Guards and General Hydra. The Gold Tribe decided to split into two groups, half going for Deoxys, and the other half going to fight the Emperor. Kent, Neptune, Jonah, Alex, and Genevieve along with 10 other Gold Tribe members went to fight the Emperor. Silver, Ambros, Dragonheart, and another dozen stayed to fight General Deoxys and Hydra and the Royal Guards.

The battle outside versus Deoxys was a difficult one, with the Royal Guards matching the Gold Tribe pound for pound. The Gold Tribe did get an upper hand eventually when Ambros and his group used a tactic to defeat General Deoxys. The other Royal Guards were soon to follow, and Hydra, alone and desolate, chose to retreat, never to be seen in Valkaria again.

Inside the Capital Building, Kent and the others got the first glimpse of the Emperor, who turned out to be none other than Galleon Gamble, the supposedly dead Grand General. It was then that Emperor Galleon revealed the true intentions of pretending to be a General, including collection of two crystals, one which he got from Eternity City in the first battle, and one which he got from Cape City when he fell underground. The origin and purpose of the crystals were left a mystery, and the Gold Tribe engaged the Emperor. Galleon showed his ferocity early, exemplifying why he was the strongest Pokemon on the Order's side, destroying two Gold Tribe members in a single shot of his Dragonbreath, which came out a black-flamed color. The others fought back, but the Emperor was overpowering. In a moment of vulnerability, Neptune jumped in front of an oncoming Dragonbreath at Lightheart, and took the hit instead. The blow was fatal, and Neptune died there on the spot. The Gold Tribe survivors fought with renewed ferocity and sadness, and overcame the Emperor's deadly attacks to charge in for a final wave of assaults. With a deadly combo by Kent, Alex, and Jonah, the Emperor fell, defeated.

The Gold Tribe once again were successful in protecting the Alpha Alliance, but at a huge cost. Now that the Order was defeated, the chance to rebuild had come. Ambros and Alex decided to go back to the hidden village that Sol was from, and become its protectors. The village flourished and grew, eventually becoming its own city, Shine City, and establishing a school called the Heroes Alliance School, the first of many schools that taught Pokemon honor, civility, and combat. It was a beacon, and the first of many schools to be established. Genevieve went from town to town and helped rebuild it. Jonah, finally at peace with his brother's death, also helped in the rebuilding process, as did Dragonheart, Silver and most of the other Gold Tribe members. Kent saw to it that every Gold Tribe member's remains were buried in Gold City, in the Golden Cemetary, where every member of the Gold Tribe, even his father was buried. Except one. Kent decided to take Neptune's body back to his hometown and bury it next to his friend General Manchu's and placed his trident over his grave. It was said that the spirit of Neptune, the Tidechanger, forever protected the citizens of Poseida Village from harm. Finally at peace, Kent would travel to other villages to help in the rebuilding process while also visiting friends. He then returned to Gold City, forever vigilant in the protect of the Alpha Alliance, as the Gold Tribe was, and forever will be.


The Alpha Alliance

The Alpha Alliance is the nation of peace and prosperity. They are protected at their core by the Gold Tribe, but the Alpha Alliance itself has most of the army under its command. Pokemon who have originally began as tribes in Valkaria one day developed a peaceful coexistance with each other which led to the foundation of the Alpha Alliance. Although it has been threatened many times, the Alpha Alliance has stood strong for thousands of years, largely due to the leadership of the Generals, and the protect by the Gold Tribe.

The Three Generals of the Alpha Alliance

The Alpha Alliance is led by three main Generals, who are appointed by the Pokemon citizens. They are usually situated in the three largest cities of Eternity City, Cape City, and Gold City. The 3 Generals during the events of The Pokemon Odyssey were General Manchu, General James Jiles, and General Heteross.

The Gold Tribe

The Gold Tribe is a group of elite, highly-trained Pokemon who are and were the core of the Alpha Alliance. They are peacekeepers, the Alpha Alliance’s first and last line of defense against powerful enemies, and those who threaten the peace and freedom of the Alpha Alliance. Members of the Gold Tribe treat each other like family, often referring to each other as fellow ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ of the tribe. The Gold Tribe is selfless, putting the Alpha Alliance and their citizens above all else, even their own safety. The Gold Tribe has a deep sense of honor and duty, and treat people, especially other members, with respect. Gold Tribe tend to be identified by golden emblems/insignias that each member wears somewhere on their bodies, either as a necklace, a bracelet, an armband, etc.

The Leader of the Gold Tribe

The Gold Tribe is usually led by a leader, elected often by the previous leader whom he believes is most worthy. This person on many occasions is a son or daughter of the previous leader, although that is not always the case. There is also usually a second-in-command, who could take over if no other heir is chosen before death. The Reed family has led as leaders of the Gold Tribe for almost 200 years, from Kent "Kaiser" Reed during The Pokemon Odyssey to his father Wallace "The Champion" Reed before him, to all of their ancestors before that. The duty of the leader is a position of respect, both inside and outside of the Gold Tribe.

The Oath

Upon induction into the Gold Tribe, a Pokemon will kneel before their inductor, and say the ancient oath of the Gold Tribe:

I swear to honor the customs and traditions of the Gold Tribe. I swear to respect my fellow Pokemon. I swear on my honor, on my life, on my heart to protect those who can't be protected and those who asked to be protected. I swear to defend the freedom and liberty of the Alpha Alliance. So hear me swear, as I rise a member of the Gold Tribe, and choose my title.

It is said to be one of the most noble and selfless acts one can do, to recite the oath. A Pokemon who does so is bound for life under it, forever discarding their former lives to be one of the Gold Tribe.

The Order of Neoverse

The Order of Neoverse is a nation of Pokemon that originally came somewhere to the north of Valkaria, the country that inhabits the Alpha Alliance. Unlike the Alpha Alliance, the Order of Neoverse is built on the principles of strength and power, and always seem to want more of both by expanding their territories and often attacking other nations when given the opportunity. Because of their dependability on strength and numbers, leadership is also gained through this method, which entails that the higher your position in the Order, the stronger you are. This works as a double-edged blade, causing much of the armies of the Order to usually be poorly trained because of unknowledgable leaders, but also commands a huge amount of morale because of their ferocity.

The Five Grand Generals and the Emperor

The Order of Neoverse is headed by the Emperor. The Emperor, by definition of the Order, is the strongest Pokemon of the nation. For much of the roleplay, the identity of the Emperor has been kept a secret. Directly under the Emperor is the 5 Grand Generals of the Order of Neoverse, who command the armies and keep them in line. They are Galleon Gamble, Lex Omega, Alex Dusklore, Adriadne, and Deoxys.


The Roleplayers

Supervegeta as Kent "Kaiser" Reed- The young leader of the Gold Tribe. Ever since his father died in the first strike of the Order of Neoverse, Kent was thrust into command at the age of 17. Kent is a proud and headstrong person. Quick to get into a fight, he would fight and die to protect the Alpha Alliance. He has deep respect for the code and honor of the Gold Tribe, and may get angry easily if anyone tries to insult them. Despite this, Kent is respectful and humble most of the time, trying, despite his age, to be a good representative of the honorary position that he commands. He also has a deep respect for his comrades.

Aura.Lucario/Nocturnal as Neptune "The Tidechanger"- An Alpha Alliance citizen who joined the Gold Tribe and then eventually became second-in-command of it, Neptune was, as a whole, a very sociable and friendly Pokemon, but also an intelligent tactician. He carried a trident as an additional weapon. Died in the final battle of Eternity City.

angel as Genevieve "Lightheart"- An Alpha Alliance native who joined the Gold Tribe, Genevieve is usually soft spoken, unless she's in battle, where her personality changes. So much that people have been known to say she has a spilt personality. Genevieve doesn't care what they say, and she goes along with the split personality thing. She actually uses it to mess with the people that bad mouth her. Despite that, Genevieve is actually kind-hearted. Just not a lot of people try to get close to her, so they don't see that side of her.

Tony Montana as Lex Omega- One of the 5 Grand Generals of the Order of Neoverse, Lex rarely shows any emotions, and enjoys mc constant meditation. He is always relaxed and will not lose his temper unless he's pushed way too far. He can also be a bit obsessive. Died in the battle of Cape City.

Destiny Bond as Q- An Order of Neoverse member and spy, codenamed "Q", this Pokemon's sole purpose was to infiltrate larger Alpha Alliance cities and feed information back to the Order of Neoverse. He was the first prototype in the chaos form project developed by the Order of Neoverse, where Pokemon were infused with this ability and became stronger, easily controlled, but also lost sight of all reason.

Roserade as Alex "Burstborn" Dusklore- Former Grand General of the Order of Neoverse who became a Gold Tribe member during the first battle for Eternity City, Alex is nervous but very brave when put in tight spots. He has both great leadership qualities and the ability to manipulate others. Although his brother, Gardeille, is high up in the Neoverse, Alex refuses to hurt any others. He treats his prisoners kindly. Alex also secretly liked the Gold Tribe and their ferocity long before he ever became a member.

Xilfer123 as Hydra- Commander and the Grand General of the Order of Neoverse, following the betrayal by Alex Dusklore. Hydra is one of the sole survivors of the Order of Neoverse, and one of the strongest Pokemon in the Order. He is ruthless, merciless, and just plain evil. There is nothing good about Hydra. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Silver Rogue as Silver "Vesica Argentum"- Rogue Pokemon from an unknown land who came to Valkaria and found a home in it. He became an eventual Gold Tribe member. He doesn't talk much, and is often not trusted because he is a bit mysterious, but is very loyal and will never forget any debts that are to be paid.

Important NPCs and Minor Characters

Xilfer123 as Jonah "Stormseeker" Defre- Alpha Alliance citizen turned Gold Tribe member, Jonah is the brother of another Gold Tribe member, "Powerhouse". He is proud and strong, but also humble and patient.

Roserade as Ambros "Midnight"- Order of Neoverse member and friend to Alex Dusklore. Turned to the side of the Gold Tribe before the battle of Poseida Village.

Sol- Kirlia whom Ambros and Alex befriended while on the road to Cape City. Apart of the small village where Alex and Ambros moved when the RP concluded. Died in the battle of Cape City.

Xilfer123 as Zed Ludwin- Order of Neoverse spy. Turned sides and became friends with Genevieve. After the battle of Cape City, left and was never heard from again, many believing he died.

miley810 as Julie "Peacewarrior" Candle- Gold Tribe member who died in the battle of Cape City. She always was naive at heart, believing in an absolute peace where war never had to exist.

General Manchu- One of the three Generals of the Alpha Alliance, Manchu was a loyal servant of the ideals of the Alpha Alliance. A close friend and most respected member among Gold Tribe members, Manchu was highly regarded in everything he had done. Died in the first battle of Eternity City.

Alexander "Dragonheart" Kodos- Veteran member of the Gold Tribe, who played a key role in the victory at Cape City.

Will "Sash" Arroll- Commander of the Gold Tribe forces in Gold City during the absence of Kent Reed, he handled the daily runnings of the city while protecting it from attacks from the Order of Neoverse during the absense of Kent Reed.

General James Jiles- One of the three Generals of the Alpha Alliance, an unpleasant Pokemon who believes the Gold Tribe to be nothing more than glorified vigilantes. He believes that they should be stripped of their praise and ranks and not given as much leway as he believed they currently got.

General Deoxys- Mysterious 5th Grand General of the Order of Neoverse and second in command of the entire Order. Died in the final battle of Eternity City.

Roserade as General Adriadne- One of the 5 Grand Generals of the Order of Neoverse. Has deadly psychic abilities, often causing her opponents minds to shatter under the stress she puts them under. Died in the battle of Cape City.

General/Emperor Galleon Gamble- Posing as one of the Grand Generals of the Order of Neoverse, Emperor Galleon is the leader of the Order of Neoverse and the initiator of the war between the Alpha Alliance and his Order. Galleon posed as one of his Generals secretly to command his forces from the front lines. It was only discovered that he was the Emperor in the final battle of Eternity City, when he returned after being supposedly dead in the previous battle at Cape City. Died in the final battle of Eternity City.

Countless other minor characters at one point mentioned or introduced in the story (bold means deceased in the RP): Nightwing, Leaf Fist, Powerhouse, The Champion-Wallace Reed, Ghost, Sparks, Mistwalker, The Veteran, Warbringer, Agent, Sash, Whirlwind, The Pursuer, The Jolt, Shadow Flame, Cannon Arms

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