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Rise of the Titans
Pokemon Ris of the Italians.png

Game Master:

~Genevieve~ (Originally Waluigi)

Date Created:

August 19th, 2012, 01:45 AM


Pokemon/ Pokemon Conquest/ Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Italians/Super Mario




Complete - Total Victory for the Italians


M (For Mario)

Date Rebooted:

Januray 16th, 2021

Sponsored By:

EA, Blizzard-Activision, Tencent, Capcom, Konami, Crystal Dynamics, Rocksteady, Rockstar, Square-Enix, Naughty Dog, Riot Games, NCSoft, Valve

Wiki Status

Horribly fucked with. We're not sorry. -4chan

Rise of the Titans is a Pokemon/Italians/Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Pokemon Conquest/Super Mario Crossover RP created by ~Genevieve~ on August 19th, 2012, (01:45 AM). In this RP, characters play as the son or daughter or the Huntress of Artemis. Each character has a pokemon link that is the same element as their godly parent. The Titans have started to escape and it is up to the demi-gods to stop them. In between all this, a pair of pesky Italian plumbers enter the fray, looking to conquer all for themselves.









Thousands of years ago the world was ruled by the 8 Great Gods and 6 Goddesses and their Pokemon Links. After Zeus defeated his father and locked the Titans away the gods created Pokemon, and made sure each Human had a Pokemon linked to their life force. A Pokemon they could talk to, grow up with, share emotions with, and die with. They determined what would happen in the world, who prospered, who didn't. Who lived and Who Died. As well as disastors and diesease along with other tragedies. But as the years passed they faded into legend. People no longer acknowledged their exsistance but they were still there always watching over the world and having Demigod children. Now it's the year 2012 and trouble has started. The Titan's imprisoned in Tartarus have started to gain strength and one by one are escaping from their prison to cause trouble in the world. Demigods and creatures know what is happening, but the mortals think they are just strange natural distastors. The Gods and Goddesses in fear of not being able to push back all the Titan's on their own have decided to choose 14 demigods, one child of each god or goddess to help in the fight against the Titans. Pizza. Pasta. Put it in a box. Wario in this timeline is dead from a sudden heart attack,with him dead,the world falls into conflict. The Gods then fought in Detroit. Can't have no shit in Detroit.


Player Characters:

"Lamp oil, rope, bombs! You want it? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies!


The Gods:

  • Zeus/Zapdos
  • Posiedon/Palkia
  • Hades/Giratina
  • Ares/Terrakion
  • Apollo/Rayquaza
  • Hermes/Tornadus
  • Hephaestus: Registeel
  • Dionysus/Genesect
  • Hera/Regigigas
  • Demeter/Shaymin
  • Athena/Articuno
  • Artemis/Landorus
  • Hestia/Moltres
  • Aphrodite/Mesprit
  • Bowser/The One Above All
  • Mario/Ruler of Hell

The Titans:

  1. Cronus
  2. Oceanus
  3. Tethys
  4. Hyperion
  5. Mnemosyne
  6. Themis
  7. Iapetus
  8. Coeus
  9. Crius
  10. Phoebe
  11. Thea
  12. Atlas
  13. Gaea
  14. Yoshi
  15. Rosalina

Other Enemies:

  1. Empousa
  2. Gorgons
  3. Harpies
  4. Hydra
  5. Chimera
  6. Manticore
  7. Minotaur
  8. Ophiotaurus
  9. Sirens
  10. Nemean Lion
  11. Cyclopes
  12. Giants
  13. Toad
  14. Toadsworth
  15. Football (It's a Stone Luigi)
  16. Rats

"Rats, rats, we are the rats!